September Craft Haul

I know I just did a craft haul recently, but my mom and I were having a girls day and stopped at hobby Lobby and well….I may have got more crafts! Everything I got I am going to use in the near future for either fall crafts or to get a head start on Christmas…

The Struggle with Vinyl

Good evening! I was hoping to share a successful finished project with my experiences with vinyl, but alas, crafting can still have it’s difficulties. So this post I will share how to work with vinyl and show the struggles I’ve had with it tonight. How to Work with Vinyl! Tools you will need: Cricut Cricut…

Craft Haul!

Hi all! Got a small craft Haul this month for what I plan to make as Christmas presents for family and I figured it would be cool to share what I got! List of what I got: Dishwasher safe mod podge Seals paints and vinyl on dishes Dishwasher safe polycrylic Seals paints and vinyl on…

About Me

Hi, I’m Madi. I’m a software developer, but that is just my career. I enjoy many hobbies at home (when I have time), but my main focus is crafting and learning witchcraft.

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