About Me

Witchcraft & Crafting

Hi, I’m Madi. I’m a software developer, but that is just my career. I enjoy many hobbies at home (when I have time), but my main focus is crafting and learning witchcraft.

What to expect from this blog site.

This blog is going to focus on my path into witchcraft and crafting projects that I am working on.

Sectioned out.

Each blog post I make is going to put into a separate category and posted on the main blog page as well as it’s designated page for those who only want to read certain content.

Witchcraft with be sectioned out into 3 sections:

  • My Solitary Path
    • This will include any spells/rituals I perform, books I am reading to learn more about witchcraft, and anything I might learn along he way!
  • Tarot Readings
    • Straight forward, it will include any tarot readings I make and what the cards mean. I will try and do a card a day daily to incorporate into a weekly readings post at the end of the week and include readings that I make for friends and family with their permission.
  • Book of Shadows
    • Mostly every witch I know either owns or creates their own Book of Shadows. This section will be my personal one that I will be willing to share any witchcraft spells/rituals, information about ingredients and supplies, but without any of the blog-centered structure.

Crafting will be sectioned out into 4 sections:

  • Cricut-ing
  • Drawings & Paintings
  • Crocheting & Knitting
  • MISC Crafts

Finally the last section of the blog is just random posts about me and how I got to where I am in life, or any announcements I might need to make. This section isn’t going to be sectioned out, but is going to be there for fun!