Weekly Tarot 9/5/2020

Few announcements!

Sorry for missing this post yesterday! I was busy most of the day and didn’t have time to make a post. I also missed 3 tarot days because I was sick and didn’t want to touch my tarot deck (hence why there wasn’t a Witchy Wednesday post last week). The tarot post for Witchy Wednesday will be this week! So be sure to keep an eye out for it! Now! Onto my readings for the week.

Sunday: Eight of Wands

Question asked: What should I focus on this week?

Main Focus:

Sudden movement or change


The eight of wands contains eight wands in a circle, with one being lit up and struck by lightning.


It is a card of news, change, or clarity. Might receive some surprising news or hear from an old friend. Sometimes means literal movement is on the horizon.

Eight of Wands

My take:

This week focus on staying my course, but be on the lookout for something that may change it.

Monday: Three of Cups

Question asked: What do I need to focus on tonight?

Three of Cups

Main Focus:

Friendship, joy, bounty


The three of cups contains birds perched on a branch looking at the sunset together.


Foresees creating memories in the company of friends that you have a strong connection with. This card may also indicate an upcoming celebration.

My take:

Focus on creating memories with my close friends and family that I have a strong connection with. Hold all the memories dear and enjoy their company. Also, look for something to celebrate in the near future!

Tuesday: Son of Swords

Question asked: What do I need to worry about today?

Main Focus:

Forceful, determined


The son of swords contains an own diving while holding a sword.


The son of swords is dynamic creature, a man of action, not of grace. Pushes forward toward his goal with urgency and determination. He usually seeks approval from the Father of Swords who casts a shadow onto the son. Working with this young man can prove to be a challenge.

Son of Swords

My take:

Worry about someone being forceful and determined with their actions and desires. And be on the lookout for them in the future.

Saturday: The Moon

Question asked: What do I need to focus on today?

The Moon

Main Focus:

Vivid dreams and fears


The moon card shows the moon in the sky and darkness around it with some trees.


In many ways, this moon card can symbolize the Wild Unknown. It is the shadow realm where dreams, fears, and mysteries are born. A lot of darkness lives here which can lead to periods of anxiety and self-doubt if you aren’t careful.

My take:

Focus on your mental health. If any fears and anxiety arise, try and calm down and push away the darkness.

Again, sorry for missing posting this yesterday and missing three readings. I didn’t want to contaminate the cards or mess with the energy in them. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Blessed be! 🌛🌚🌜
~Madi 💙

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