The Struggle with Vinyl

Good evening! I was hoping to share a successful finished project with my experiences with vinyl, but alas, crafting can still have it’s difficulties. So this post I will share how to work with vinyl and show the struggles I’ve had with it tonight.

How to Work with Vinyl!

Tools you will need:

  • Cricut
  • Cricut Design Space software
  • Something to cut your vinyl to size
  • Cricut light weight mat (the light blue one!)
  • Vinyl
  • Hook tool
  • Exacto Knife (optional)

I also had a rolling tool in the below picture, but I ended up not using it because of the difficulties I had with the vinyl.

My tools

First, start off in the Cricut app (or software if you are using a computer) and add what you want to cut in the canvas.

My canvas (I regret this font later)

Next, select the “Make It” in the bottom left corner, cut the vinyl to size, and place it on the Cricut mat at the top (similar to below).

Setting up the mat.

Make sure the dial is set to “Vinyl” and select the “Continue” button on the app or software. Push the mat to the rollers and push the double arrow button shown on the Cricut to let the rollers take the mat. After that, select the fancy “C” to begin cutting your vinyl!

Setting the mat into the Cricut.

It might take a little for your design to cut, depending on how detailed it is. So while it is cutting make sure to grab some tea or eat a snack!

The Struggle Begins

I started to remove the extra vinyl very carefully with the hook tool.


It was going well, I had a few mess ups and decided to use an exacto knife to help me section off areas so it will be a little easier.


I started to feel very confident of this, but then letters kept getting picked up by the extra vinyl I was holding and words kept getting messed up. So I eventually decided to scrap the project and make this a learning opportunity.

This is where I gave up…

Vinyl can be very tricky to work with, and there will be mistakes, but the final product will be worth it! Later this week I will try again, but with a different font and hopefully can share my final project in next weeks post!

Blessed be! 🌛🌚🌜
~Madi 💙

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