Site Changes!

Hi everyone! The blog site has undergone some changes this weekend! Have you seen last nights post yet? You might have noticed one of the many changes just by looking at that post!

First things first, I upgraded to a paid domain! This site will now be known as! There are many reasons why I upgraded, one of them being to make the site feel more personal, and another so I can post videos of some digital drawings! They won’t have sound at first since they are just some small time-lapses of the drawing being creating (and since the only ones I have so far are under 3 minutes). But! Not the point! Cool new stuff!

Second, I got really distracted yesterday making banners and a new logo for the site, so yesterday’s post was a little later that I would have liked it to be. Below you can see a gallery of all the banners you will see throughout the site for blog pages and posts that I want to have a featured image, but I don’t know what one to use because there are multiple (or because I couldn’t figure out what to take a picture of). These banners are made by me, and might change later on, but right now I wanted the site to have a clean and unified look. Let me know what you think!

Also! Check out the new logo up close and a video time-lapse of the drawing process!

New logo time-lapse!

I have a few digital art time-lapses I am looking forward to sharing on Crafty Monday’s in the following weeks. If anyone has any suggestions for any crafts or drawings, feel free to leave them in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Blessed be! 🌛🌚🌜
~Madi 💙

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