Weekly Tarot 8/29/2020

Sorry for the late post! I got distracted making a new logo and some banners for the site! This week I was only able to do 2 readings, I had to go out of town for some family stuff and forgot my tarot deck at home. But, I will still share those 2 readings this week and have a full post next week of all my daily readings!

Sunday: The Hierophant

Question asked: What should I focus on this week?

Main Focus:

Mentor, seeking knowledge


The hierophant contains a crow carrying a key or sitting perched on a key during a storm.


It is time to deepen your practice, you have come far on you’re own, but open your heart and a teacher will soon appear. A new ceremony or ritual may prove to be comforting and rewarding.

The Hierophant

My take:

This week focus on knowledge and learning the practice. If I am open and searching, I may find a teacher or mentor that can help guide me through what my current focus is.

Monday: The Six of Cups

Question asked: What do I need to worry about today?

The Six of Cups

Main Focus:

Memories, childhood, joy


The six of cups contains a tree with it’s roots in multiple different colors.


Focuses on the magic and innocence of childhood. Look back on your roots with vibrancy and color, get lost in your memories. Old friends may reach out, any reunion will be joyful. Enjoy simple pleasure and wonder in all areas of you life.

My take:

Childhood memories may resurface, good or bad. Focus on the joy and light of the childhood memories and not worry about the dark that was haunting behind. Don’t be afraid to look back on those memories and get lost in them.

Again, I am sorry for the short list of readings this week! But I look forward to posting a long one for next week’s weekly readings!

Blessed be! 🌛🌚🌜
~Madi 💙

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